Friday, August 1, 2008

Three Day Weekends Rock!

I am loving taking Fridays off and having three day weekends all summer! The city I live in is having a big arts and crafts street fair this weekend. I just may have to walk up there later and see what's there. Get some inspiration! There are all kinds of food vendors too. Lots of fun.

I made another apron yesterday with my beloved Matroyshka fabric. So cute! It will hang in a place of honor in my kitchen. This fabric just makes me smile. I used a pattern in The Apron Book. Very easy to make.

I bought some more fabric from an Etsy seller. I can't stay away from Etsy. So much to buy and drool over. The next thing I want to buy is a knitting pattern for some little woodland animals. I don't know what I'll make with this fabric. I was thinking maybe a new sewing machine cover.

I haven't been knitting on the socks much. It's been really hot and even with the AC on sometimes I just can't stand to touch yarn. But my flowers have been blooming like crazy. Look at my pretty petunias:

I love when I'm sitting on the deck and I can see these. So bright and vibrant! Good yarn colors!

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Larjmarj said...

I have a 3 dayer every other weekend but that's only to counter balace the one day weekend that I have every other weekend. Usually I'm so behind and exhausted, I don't get anything done.