Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doll Making

This doll making stuff is fun! I decided to make my cousin a little doll with the fabrics she gave me that were my aunt's. A little keepsake. I got the doll started and her body is done. Her shoes are painted on that's why they are upside down in that cup, they are drying.

Today I'll make her hair with yarn and sew up her little clothes. This could be a new addiction, a fun little passtime to get creative with. The possibilities are endless.

I bought more beads and oddments for making the little dotee dolls.

I found all those beads and the ribbon at the dollar store! That was fun to find that stuff there. Who woulda thunk the dollar store had that kind of stuff.

I have another dotee doll started, but haven't gotten very far on her yet. I'm not sure how I'm going to decorate her yet, so she's patiently waiting to be finished.

No, I haven't been knitting anything since I finished the socks. I haven't decided what to make next yet. So I've been having fun playing with my fabrics and beads and baubles again.

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