Sunday, August 10, 2008


My cousin has been cleaning out my Aunt's house after her death in April. She gave me these boxes of fabrics and yarns that she came across. So precious to me. I keep wondering, "what was she going to make with this stuff?" All kinds of fabs, some old, some newer, the yarns are more of the crafty type yarns. Good for making oddments and things. Even some knitting needles and a couple of crocheted projects that were started. All of these are very precious treasures to me.

I went to a garage sale yesterday and found these little snowmen plates. So cute! I just had to have them since I collect snowmen. More little treasures.

I did fix that little matroyshka doll ornament. I took the white beads off from the bottom portion and re-sewed them on with clear thread. It looks much better.

I went to an estate sale a few weeks ago and picked up this shelf unit. $5! Just had to have it. I'm keeping some of my little treasures on it at the moment. I'd like to repaint it but haven't decided on a color yet.

Are you watching the Olympics? I wasn't home for the opening ceremonies, but saw some on the news. Very spectacular! I do enjoy watching some of the games, such as gymnastics, swimming, diving. I have been keeping the Olympics coverage on the TV even if it's not an event I particularly enjoy as I like hearing about the background of the various athletes, and learning their history. Fascinating to me. I do hope the USA does well and brings home a lot of medals.

And lastly, my most precious treasure, my daughter, will be leaving to go back to college in two and a half weeks. So we've been busy getting some shopping done to get her ready again. The summer has flown by.

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Larjmarj said...

That's no lie...summer really has flown by.

It's frikkin' cold this morning!