Friday, August 15, 2008

More Treasures!

More treasures to show off!

My sister came over last night and we were going to make little dolls that we found on line called dotees. But before we got to work with our beads, sequins, fabrics, patterns, thread, oddments, felt squares and findings she gave me a birthday gift! How fun does this stuff look:

I love it all! Thank you Sister! Beautiful cupcake bag, I love cupcakes! And beads, sparkly blue and the other ones are dragonflies. And a kitty pincushion. And look at that box . . . cupcakes! I can store lots of little treasures in there. And a beautiful carry-all thing with lots of little pockets inside for safely storing all my little beads and oddments for doll making. I love it, love it, love it all!

We had so much fun going through all of our supplies we didn't get much done but we did get started. She had beautiful fabrics. So fun to look at someone else's fabrics! And the felts she had . . . OMG! Some were sparkly, some were printed. I never saw printed felt squares before. Had so much fun! So we plan on doing it again soon and actually getting something done next time.

Tonight I was anxious to start another one and I got her finished. Meet my first little dotee . . .

Isn't she cute? I don't know what to name her, but I'll think of something. She will get a place of honor among all my treasures.


Krystal said...

Very cool! You must have an awesome sister. :)

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

neat...where did you find them? I think this would be an excellent project for the girls and I for sewing.