Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving along on my socks

I'm just moving right along on my socks. I got both heels done. Yay me! I like the contrast color. And I will definitely have enough of the contrast for the toes.

I also made another pincushion. This one is for my Mom. Her birthday is Friday. I bought some nice bright pins to put in it too. Even if she never uses it, she can enjoy looking at it. Fun to make!

I took some of the cash I got for my birthday and bought myself a new sewing lamp. It's not an Ott light, but that's OK, it serves the purpose. It's so nice and bright. I love it! I haven't been sewing much lately, it's so hot and I just get real lazy when it's like this outside even with the AC turned on.

I still need to rearrange the sewing machine set up and get the old lamp out of there and put the new one on the sewing cabinet. And then sew! It will be really nice to have a bright light in that area. After writing about sewing, now I feel like sewing!

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Larjmarj said...

Yay for the socks! They look great!