Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unexpected knitting time

I had some unexpected knitting time yesterday, lots of it. I left work early to go to the hospital for Mom's surgery, the power had gone out at work anyway, heheheh no I didn't do it! After surgery I came home, just pooped. So I sat on the couch most of the afternoon and evening and worked on my mitten. I was just too darn tired to even go to knit night. I did make some progress on mitten #1. I'm up to the peek-a-boo part. Hopefully tonight I can work on it some more after going to the hospital. Mom didn't have a hernia. She had an abscess in her colon that burst, causing all kinds of icky stuff. They had to remove about 6-8 inches of colon and now she has a colostomy bag. Poor thing. She knew going in that that could happen. It can be reversed in about 3 months, which means another surgery. She was so out of it last night I didn't go back and visit. I'll see how she is tonight, probably still groggy.

brrrrr, kind of chilly today. I put the furnace on this morning and let it go through a cycle, and same thing when I got home from work. I'll probably have to turn it on again later. Oh, I just dread the heating bills.

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