Monday, October 29, 2007

I can do circs!

I bit the bullet and tried circular needles, and I did it! I'm working on a prayer shawl for my Mom. Real easy pattern I found on the knitting site. You keep increasing on the knit row for 12 inches, then knit and purl until it's as long as you want it then start decreasing on the knit row until you're down to 3 stitches. I can do this! The cables on the circs are stiff. Is that normal? I thought I heard or read somewhere that you can boil them and they'll soften up. Is that true? How long do you boil them, a minute, 5 minutes, until al dente? Or do you just live with them real stiff?

There is a contest in the building I work in. The building gave every suite a pumpkin and we have to carve it. The judging is tomorrow. Guess who got elected in my office to carve? Yep, me. I got it done and here is the finished result. I think it turned out pretty damn cool if I say so myself.

Poor Mom is hanging in there. I went and saw her tonight. She was at least more lucid. She had hemo-dialysis again today, and will have it again tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday. Still a lot of tubes going in, coming out. OMG, poor thing. They got those port things out of her neck and they are now in the shoulder/clavicle area. It's not so annoying to her. She had accidentally pulled the thing out of her neck, she's lucky she's not in hand restraints.

That's it for now. Time to go knit and watch Dancing With the Stars.

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