Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apples and Hospitals

Yesterday I took a drive with my cousin to St. Johns to a big cider mill there. It was a nice day, but kind of breezy. We had cider, donuts, bought some apple bread, tasted apples, walked around, smelled the delicious smells of the apples and pies, etc. We enjoyed the morning. We didn't go through the corn maze as it was kind of breezy and chilly out there in the open. That picture is of the apple orchard.

In the meantime, little did I know that the day before my mom had been admitted to the hospital. Did I get a phone call? No. Her blood count is real low, an internal bleed somewhere which they are doing tests to find. She is being transfused. I'll go visit today. I found out about this through other relatives. Sheesh.

So, really haven't had time to knit, just a few rows on Mom's hat. Haven't had time for the Big R either. We'll see how today goes.

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