Monday, July 30, 2007

Purple Purses

The furry purple purse is now lined and finished . . . with purple polka dot fabric! I made a little pocket in the lining and it closes with Velcro. You are seeing it inside out. Then I made a little change/makeup purse to go with it. It's not lined, but it does have a real old button on it from my great aunt's button box. I inherited the button box when she died. Lots of cool old buttons in there. Don't know what I'm going to do with this purse, but it was fun to make. I may give it to someone for Christmas.

I'm finishing up my mom's change/makeup purse and will give it to her for her birthday which is August 1. She gave me some yarn a couple of months ago and I made it with that. More fuzzy wuzzy stuff. It's fun to work with, but that's enough of that for awhile.

So anyway, what is with this obsession with Ravelry? Am I the only one not on the list waiting to get in? Is it only for knitting? I guess if I tried to get in I'd be last on the list with 25,673,298 before me.

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