Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nothing on the needles . . . oh my!

Oh to be four again! My grandson is watering my weeds, so nice of him.

I have nothing on the needles at the moment, yikes!

I finished up the little purse that goes with the furry purse. Still need to take a pic. I got so fed up with the socks I was knitting, stitches kept falling off the needles, there were so many mistakes, and it was GIANT sized, so I just cut the yarn and slipped it off the needles. I'm not going to frog it that way I can be reminded of how frustrating it was at times. So much for that. I'll try socks again another time, maybe on circulars.

I had a temporary slip up on the yarn diet and bought a ball of Sugar & Cream in pink to make a dishcloth with the breast cancer ribbon on it for someone in my knitting group. Her mother-in-law has breast cancer and they are doing a fund raiser. I believe the person in my group has cancer too, not sure what kind, I don't know her too well yet.

So now the decision making process starts again . . . what to knit. A fun decision anyway!

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