Thursday, July 26, 2007

The day before Friday . . . yay!

Ok, so here's a fun little project I've been working on, a furry purse! It was fun to make. I made it with one strand of worsted wool in lilac and one strand of cha cha in a purple color. You can't really see the lilac. It is oh so soft! I got the pattern in an email from (knitting). So then I got fancy and lined it today in purple and white polka dot fabric. I even sewed a little pocket in the lining like a purse from the store would have. I am now working on a little change type purse thing to go in it. But had to take a break from knitting and go on-line, was having on-line withdrawals, lol! Once the little purse is done I'll photograph them together and show off the lining too.

I've been tagged! I need to tell 6 things about myself, so let's see . . .

1. I love shopping in thrift stores, love it! I go for the heck of it at times just to see what's there and buy stuff I didn't even know I needed. Haven't been in a while, so I'm getting itchy to go soon, and to garage sales.

2. I went to one of my high school reunions, the 15th. I hated it. It was the dumbest thing I ever did. It was a picnic in a park type thing. Not a lot of people. The snobs were in their little group (still, at that age!). The people I wanted to see weren't there. I'd like to go to a grade school reunion, that would be fun. I went to a Catholic grade school, small classes, not a lot of people.

3. I can wiggle my ears. My kids used to bug me to do this for them.

4. I'm terrified of spiders and centipedes. I wish they would just stay out of my house or stay in hiding so I don't have to look at them and avoid the room where they are if I can't squish them.

5. I do not own a single dress or skirt. But lately I've been wanting to buy one of those long flowing summer skirts just to have it and be comfy. Hmmmmm, see #1, may have to go to the thrift store, lol!

6. I like to wash my car. It's fun to play in the water on a hot summer day and get the car all nice and clean. I know how to put air in my tires and gas in the tank. I know where the oil goes and could put some in if it was low, same with the windshield washer fluid. But if I ever had a flat tire, I would have no idea how to work the tire jack.

There ya go! Hope I didn't bore you. If you have 6 things about you on your blog, leave me a comment and I'd love to go read them!

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