Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yes, I'd love a chocolate shake

I'm still here. The ticker is still ticking. I would love some fast food, some fat, some bacon. But not allowed. I guess the only fat I can have are fat quarters. May have to take a trip to a quilt shop for some, and satisfy my craving.

I did get the next Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along Block done. I hate it. I was so confused on the instructions, I was ready to give up on this quilt. I did not enjoy it. And quilting/crafting/sewing/knitting should not be like that. Maybe it was just me, maybe some brain cells died off during the heart attack and I couldn't understand the instructions. So I just did it my own way and moved on.

I hope the next block isn't so hard to follow along.

Maybe I should stick to making bags. The instructions for this bag were a charm. It's a Lazy Girls Design.

Very detailed steps, good instructions. And I love how it turned out! Here is a peek at the inside.

Nice size bag. Now if only I had somewhere to go so I could use it.

And last of all, I finally got the Picot Edge Socks done.

Love the colors! And now that it's hot and muggy socks and dishcloths are probably the only things I'll be knitting until the weather turns cool again.

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Kimberly said...

these are gorgeos! Did you do each one together or the method of knitting both pairs at once on a circular needle?