Monday, December 29, 2008

It's over with

Hello, hello, hello! How was your Christmas? It was good here. Lots of fun, and then there's always that downer. That part was really ugly. I won't even go into details here except to say one of my relatives will not be invited back. Otherwise, everything else was fun! I enjoyed my children, my grandchildren. We had good food, laughs, fun gifts, and a great big mess in my living room!

I can show you some things now that I couldn't before Christmas. I made my daughter some new jammies, she wanted a "northerny" theme. This is what I made her. Moose jammies! And I ironed a couple cutouts onto the t-shirt sleeves.

And to keep her head nice and warm, I did some stranded knitting and made her an ear flap hat! I really like it and so does she.

And just for fun, I made her one of those funny little hedgehogs . . . in pink! It's so cute and squishy.

She loves all of her stuff. The hedgie will go on a shelf in her dorm room. It will remind her of mom and home and all things good.

I'm really enjoying this time off work. I saved my vacation days and I'm off until January 5. Yay me! I finally got the Spring Forward socks done. Finally.

Now I can move on to a whole new project. Exciting! Not sure what I'll make next. I have that lace weight I bought, but I probably won't start any lace until I have the house to myself again. It needs my full concentration.

So that's about it for now. How was your Christmas? Hope you had a good one!

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