Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing

Holy crap it's cold out there. It's like hell has frozen over. And that gusting wind just makes it even worse. I'm so glad I'm inside where it's nice and warm and cozy. I'll worry about the heating bill later. Can't think about that right now.

Still getting ready for Christmas here. My daughter is home for the break and I'm really enjoying having her around. I finally got all the handmade gifts done. Now I can get back to my neglected sock. I made these fingerless mittens for my daughter-in-law. I made them with that Caron Naturals Country yarn I showed you a post or two ago.

See that little pickle ornament by them? My son calls my grandson "Pickle", that's his nickname. I saw that pickle ornament in Target and just HAD to get it. I love buying silly stuff like that at Christmas. It makes it fun!

We had our office lunch the other day. My boss got me this perfume, lotion and candle set. It's really nice.

And another co-worker gave me this candle. Isn't it cute! It's a snowglobe on the bottom and in the top part you can put a tealight. I don't know where she found such a cute thing. I just love it!

I've got my shopping done, the wrapping is done. Can you tell what this is?

I couldn't resist wrapping that hat like that. It's for my son. He got me a T-fal pan one year and wrapped it in the shape of the pan. I can finally do the same in return!

Now it's time to relax and just knit, fun knitting on my sock, no deadline.

I hope you're staying warm where you are!

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