Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just give me a straw

Lots going on lately. My stress level is through the roof. So just give me a straw and pass the bottle.

Want some? If I drank that, even a shot glass full, it would burn and make me choke. But at the moment, I don't care. I need it. But, that's not for me. I got that for my boss for Christmas. Maybe he'll share.

I'm still busy making Christmas gifts. I'm almost done. I bought this yarn the other day.

I'm making some fingerless mittens with it. It's really really splitty. But when knitted, OMG, it's so soft. So I guess I can put up with it for fingerless mittens.

I got a pair of jammie pants sewed for my son. It's OK, he doesn't read this, I can show you.

I love that fabric! Hope he likes them.

Remember my fascination with matroyshka fabric? I still love it. My mom loved the apron I made with that fabric, so I made her one for Christmas.

So I'm just moving right along here. Almost done with the homemade gifts.

We've got a snowstorm moving in, 3 to 5 inches predicted. A good night to stay in and knit. And that's exactly what I'll do. While eyeing that bottle of booze.

1 comment:

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

HUGS to you my friend.

The mittens look great, and the new yarn looks yummy!