Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I took the day off!

My knitting needles are still clicking furiously. I got the first pair of mittens done.

I've started the second pair which are in a blue by the name of "denim", and they do look like faded blue jeans. I'll post a pic of them next time. I should have a lot more done on them later. I found out yesterday I have more vacation days left than I thought I had, so I took the day off, yay me! Lots of knitting time today. It's rainy and icky outside, a good day to stay inside and be cozy.

My little grandson helped me set up my skater pond the other day. I haven't put this display out in a few years. It's pretty old and the skaters don't glide smoothly anymore. But still fun to look at. I think I may replace the felt on the bottom of the skaters. Maybe that will help.

He was fascinated with this thing. I enjoyed our time together setting it up.

I treated myself and bought some lace yarn. Oh it's so beautiful! And so thin. I've never used lace weight before. I want to make a shawl but I won't start that until after I get all the Christmas knitting off the needles and finish the Spring Forward socks. This will be a real challenge for me during the long winter months.

The yarn is from Yarntopia Treasures on etsy. Beautiful yarn! And very reasonably priced.

So that's it for today. Time to get back to my needles and the sewing machine. I'm going to make my son some jammie pants for Christmas. Gotta get cracking here, no time to waste.

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