Friday, November 21, 2008

And so the madness begins

It's coming. And it's coming fast. The "C" word. Christmas. I've started making some gifts. The first was this blanket for my grandson. It looks so nice and tidy all folded up into a pillow.

And then . . . TA DAH! You unfold it and it's a blanket!

Very easy to make. I did get quite warm with it on my lap while I did the blanket stitch all around the edge.

I didn't feel like doing all that blanket stitching all over again, so the blanket I made for my granddaughter got the fringed edge that you tie. Also very simple and easy to make.

Love that skull fabric! Speaking of skulls, I got these beads not too long ago. Don't know what I'll make with them, but HAD to have them!

That's all I can show you at this time. Still working on the Spring Forward socks. And something else. Hopefully I'll have time to knit this weekend. Once again I'm stuck with Thanksgiving dinner. So I'm going to get my house in order and get some of the food preparation started. And bought. It was so nice last year going to someone's house for a change. But at least this year my mom is not in the hospital, no one is sick. I do have lots to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Larjmarj said...

I'm skipping it this year.

Where did you find those beads?