Sunday, November 16, 2008


I raked the stupid frikkin leaves the other day and now I'm sick. I hate all that stuff mixed in there, mold spores, pollen, yucky stuff. This happens every year. I always have hope that it won't happen. So far, no luck. So here we go again. Pass the tissues please.

My daughter came home again for the weekend. It was a nice relaxing weekend. We didn't do much. We did have fun playing with Sculpey clay! It was such a nice evening. So now we have another crafty hobby to do. See what we made . . .

I made the snowman on the left, the stocking and the mini pumpkin. She made the other snowman and the deer. Lots of fun. I never realized how hard it is to make little teeny things with clay, like those eyes, and the carrot nose. I think we did pretty darn good for our first attempt.

Now it's time to go rest and hopefully get rid of this dumb cold real soon. I've got jury duty on Tuesday and I sure don't want to have to go there carrying a box of tissues.

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Domestic Extraordinaire said...

feel better soon Diane!

Those clay creations look awesome. I have some of that stuff downstairs but have never used it.