Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Why do vacations fly by so fast? I went away with my daughter for a long weekend. It was awesome! We had a lot of fun. Tried new things. Went one from extreme to another in the temperature department, from almost 90 degrees to the lower 50s.

We attended a tastefest of food from local restaurants at the locale we went to. OMG such good food and wine and desserts! And so fun! There were also animal rescue units in attendance, getting the word out that they need donations, etc. One place rescued wild birds. We got to see some owls up close and personal! What gorgeous anmimals!

That little beauty was the barred owl. Such sweet cute eyes!

I can't remember what kind the second owl was. But she was scared and just stayed in the cage opening and closing her mouth and flicking that tongue in an out. Fascinating creatures!

There were ducks at the beach. My daughter wanted to stick her feet in the water and attracted ducks.

They were probably hoping she had a piece of bread for them.

Love the sound of waves washing onto the shore.

And at the end of the day . . . a beautiful sunset.

A wonderful time was had. Good mother-daughter bonding. Can't wait to go back!

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I never seen before. It so good.