Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sewing. Sewing a lot lately. Stressed. When I'm stressed it helps me to sew. Just a few more weeks and I won't have a job. No job, no health insurance. No health insurance, no heart medicine. Do you see where I'm going with this? Stressed. Stress is not good on a heart patient. So I sew. It's an endless cycle. As long as I have fabric I can sew. I made my daughter and I some pillowcases. I used Soft & Comfy from Joann's for the ends. It's their version of Minkee. Very very very soft and cuddly.

I had a little bit left so I made my Aunt a little pouch. She takes the same heart meds as me. Us heart girls have to stick together.

I'm also finishing up a quilt and I have another one to cut out. Plus I made another totebag and a yo-yo tree. Pics to come soon.

I bought some cute little goodies on my little vacation. I just fell in love with this little clock! And it ticks!

It ticks quietly. A very comforting sound. I got the little runner that's under the clock at the same store. A vintage/antique/gift store. Very nice stuff. Reasonably priced. Lots of fun to look around! I also got this table runner there.

It looks cute on my table. I always wonder about the person who stitched these things when I come across them. Fun finds. They will live on in my house now.

I need to go sew some more. Still stresed. My daughter sent me the funniest card to cheer me up. It worked!

I think I'd like some morphine about now ;)

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