Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My great bargain!

Raise your hand if you like estate/garage sales? Fun fun fun! I love going to them. You never know what you will find. It's the thrill of the hunt! I went to an estate sale over the weekend. Found this china cabinet. Didn't want to pay the price they were asking and had no way to get it home anyway. The seller told me I could have it for $45. I still had no way to get it home. He said for $50 total they would deliver it. I bought it!

It's mine! All mine! And only $50! It's in my house. I did not want it for china. Nope. I wanted it for my fabric! I want to be able to see my fabrics!

There it is! My fabrics are in there. On display. It was fun to sort through them and put them in there. It was like rediscovering old friends. Some fabs I had forgotten about. So good to see them again. It did not take long to fill this cabinet up.

But there's still room for more! Must go shopping . . .

I pinned together my Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along Quilt. I just need to tie it. I'm not going to quilt this one. It will get tied. I think I'll start working on the tying tonight while watching TV. It's so hot outside, miserably hot, so I will stay in and play with my quilt.

Once I get it all tied then all that's left is the binding. And it will be DONE!

I did make another totebag. I'm a bag ho. I love bags. Bags are my thing. Can't have enough bags.

I just love this one. I think I like each one better than the one before and then I buy more fabric and it just goes on and on and on . . .

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