Thursday, November 29, 2007

She loved the shawl!

I finished this headband the other day, Headband of Alaska, or Panta or whatever it's called. I really like it! I've been working on something else but can't post it here in case the intended recipient is reading this. I took Mom her shawl last night, she loved it! But she is having Dad take it home because she's afraid someone will steal it. It's not that fancy. Oh well.

I'm off work now until Tuesday, yay! Damn lawyers drove me nuts today. They can be such big babies. I'm hoping to spend a ton of time finishing off my Christmas projects/gifts and getting a little shopping done. Just not going to work will save my sanity, but I will pay for it on Tuesday.


Leeann said...

The headband looks great! Embarrassingly, I haven't even finished mine yet. I've been like 80% done with it for just keeps getting lost among my other projects.

Glad your mom liked the shawl! It's a shame she couldn't keep it with her, though.

Larjmarj said...

Headband looks very cool, I like the color changes. Glad mom liked her shawl..