Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Shawl

When Mom was having dialysis her shoulders always seemed to be hanging out of her hospital gown, not very attractive. I decided to knit her a shawl. It's been slow going, I've never knitted anything this big. But I've been on a role lately. The other day when I was visiting she asked me to knit her a shawl. How ironic is that? She has no idea I've been working on this thing. I'm finally to the point where I can start the decreases . . . yay! I want it to be done and give it to her and start on some of the things in my queue in Ravelry. I'm chomping at the bit to start the Alaska headband. Hopefully in the next few days.

Last night I was calmly at knit night, just knitting away with the girls, chatting, knitting, eating cookies when who should walk in . . . my daughter! OMG, she surprised the heck out of me! I felt like a contestant on the Price is Right. I was so surprised and stunned, I don't think I've ever been that surprised in my life. She came home a day early from college and totally surprised me. I couldn't quit hugging her, it was so good to see her, and with all the crap I've been through lately, it was the fix I needed.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm not having it at my house this year. I'm looking forward to it bittersweetly, it will be at someone else's house, but my mom won't be attending.

I hope everyone who reads my blog has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble!


Larjmarj said...

It was so cool to see your "reunion". Nice. Hope mom's doing better.

Leeann said...

I still love the shawl & the yarn! Good luck finishing it soon.

It was really great to see your daughter surprise you like that. :)

This is kinda off-topic, but I LOVE your Ravelry because you queue the greatest things that I never would find otherwise. That penguin? Too adorable! I think I have to make it for some friends for the holidays. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Diane said...

Mom's coming along so slowly Marj, but I think mentally she's finally perking up too.

OMG, my daughter just took me totally off guard, wow, what a surprise!

I can't wait to make that little penguin too Leeann! He's so cute. Gawd, I need more hours in the day to knit.