Thursday, November 8, 2007

Home for the night

I'm in for the night. I'm so tired of running back and forth to the hospital. Mom's still in there. There's some improvement, but she's got a long way to go. My poor Dad looks so tired. He's there for every visiting hour. Her hands are in restraints now and he helps her eat and drink. It's so sweet to watch these two old people, I've never seen this side of him.

A couple of weeks ago I finished the lacy scarf I was knitting. I screwed up a row and didn't have lifelines, decided it was long enough and bound it off. I do wish it was a little longer, but I don't think it will look good with fringe, so I'm leaving it as is. Now it's time to go sit on the couch and just knit and knit and knit until I can't see any more. I'm more than halfway done with the second mitten for charity. I may sneak my knitting to work with me tomorrow, I don't think any one will be there but me, heheheh

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Larjmarj said...

Very nice work on the scarf! I think that lace is actually pretty forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Hope mom is on the upswing...