Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moth = Panic

I had a moth in my house last night. Panic! I kept thinking of the Yarn Harlot's book where she writes about the moth. All my wool yarn is put away in a bin except the new yarns I bought at Neighborhood Knits yesterday. They were on the table so I could lovingly look at them every time I walked by it. I finally found the moth and it's ummmm not alive any more. Relief. How dare it come into my house.
I went to Neighborhood Knits! A nice little store, it's smaller than I thought it would be. I had fun petting the yarns. I wanted to just sit and stare at all the stuff, but I didn't. I bought two skeins of yarn, a wool/acrylic worsted that's in shades of pink and it's going to stripe. There was a baby sweater hanging up that it was made out of. The other skein is a silk/wool blend, in the clearance/sale bin, poor little orphan. That's going to become a scarf. I wound it into a ball and started a scarf from the book One Skein Wonders that I've finally gotten around to making something out of. The pattern has to be out of whack. It's just not working out right on the needles. I need to go on line and see if there's an errata sheet for this. It says to cast on 20 stitches, but that's not enough. Maybe 40 or 30? If I can't find a correction, maybe I'll just try casting on 40 and see what happens. This is a pain in the butt.
I also went to the little dimestore in Trenton again. Got 5 balls of Sugar & Cream. Well, a new dishcloth KAL is starting on Monday and I must be prepared, heheheheh. The suggested color is red, but I've heard red really runs, so I'm going to do mine in bright pink. The Sugar & Cream is ONLY 99 cents there, very justifiable. I have totally blown the yarn diet. I forgot about it. Oh well.
I think I may go to Old Navy today and see if I can find a pair of jeans. I've only got two pairs that fit now that I've lost weight. I seem to have good luck there with jeans. I don't care if they aren't the fancy designer label, or even what the size says. I just want jeans that fit and fashionable would be nice. I won't be buying those skinny jeans though, lol!
I may also pull up the tomato plants today. I think they're just about done. Most of my tomatoes this year got eaten by animals. Very sad. I don't know if I'll plant them again next year. This is my second summer in this house and this happened last year too. Very discouraging.
I found a little pot roast yesterday in the grocery store, just right for me. Whenever I made a pot roast my daughter wouldn't eat it, she doesn't like it. Her loss. This should be good for about 3 days of meals. My house will smell so yummy later!
The weather is very nice out there today. I hope to be able to spend some time outside, maybe knitting if I can figure out this darn scarf pattern.
Have a great day!
Edited to add: I found a correction for the scarf on line, yay me! I was right, you do cast on 40 stitches. Time to go rip it out and start over. But that's OK, at least this time it will be right.


Larjmarj said...

There needs to be better editing in the pattern book world don't you think? A person could lose their mind! Nice find on the wool silk.
I LOVE the Trenton Dime Store, it's the best. Hope your legs are feeling better.

Diane said...

I've had problems with free patterns I've gotten on line too. But you'd think a book wouldn't have so many, there were 23 pages of corrections to this book. Love the Trenton dimestore too! I hadn't been there in years, didn't even know if it was still there. So I drove there about a month ago, and it was there! I was so happy.