Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Projects

Still healing, resting, getting stronger every day! I have lots of projects to keep me busy. First off I completed Block 10 of the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along. I can't believe there are only two more blocks to go!

I'm also still working on the red, white and blue table runner. I got the quilting done. By machine of course! The binding is now on. All I have left to do is hand sew the binding to the back then it will be done.

It's bigger than I thought it would be. If I was really skinny I could use it as a quilt, lol!

After what I've been through heart-wise, I've become brave and decided to learn a new knitting technique. Two at a time socks! It can't be any scarier than heart surgery.

It will be so awesome to have both socks done at the same time! That yarn I'm using is red, the camera just kept capturing it as orange, so I gave up. I'll be fooling around with this in the near future. I have a pair of socks on the needles now that I want to finish before I start this project. So many projects, so little time.

And last but not least, what would summer be without some good books to read! I had fun in the clearance area of Barnes & Noble the other day. Bought a bunch of books AND a heart health cookbook and didn't break the bank. Bring on the iced tea and my deck and I'll be happy sitting and reading for hours.

That's what's going on here. Hope you're keeping cool where you are. The awful humid heat wave has passed. I'm sure another one will come in the future. For now, I'm going to enjoy the warmth and low humidity.

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