Monday, June 8, 2009

Watch out!

Here we go. The first tornado watch of the season. It's going to be a long night until this is over with. Hopefully nothing will happen, just a thunderstorm. A good excuse to sit on the couch and knit in front of the TV. Any excuse to knit! I've got my knitting mojo back, YAY!!!! I started another sock, Hedera by Cookie A, free pattern on Ravelry. Here's my progress.

This is slow going, but looking at it now, I do have a lot done. There are a few mistakes in there, but I just keep plugging along. It will be OK.

Before my daughter left we had one last craft night. Here is a picture of our stuff. It was so much fun! That picture makes me smile, it reminds me of that fun night.

I've also made some more little pouches. So cute! And so easy to make. I'll be gifting them and some of those mini birdhouses to my cousins this weekend when I help out at my cousin's garage sale. A mini family reunion! I'm looking forward to it.

I'm also working on an apron. I'm going for a vintage look. I actually did some embroidery work on it. Check it out:

That's the pocket. Now all I have to do is sew it together. Hopefully I will get that accomplished this week. But not until after I sit on the couch watching the weather watches and warnings. While knitting.

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Jeanne said...

Love the sock - I love the color!

Cute pouches too!