Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Bargains

Who doesn't love a sale? I love sales. A local library had a used book sale recently. Of course I went. I bought a few things. That stack of Martha Stewart Living magazine was $1 for the whole stack! I like looking through that magazine. And I got a Christmas craft book. Like I need another one. Well I guess I did, I bought it. And a Firehouse Cookbook. I rarely cook anymore and I have tons of cookbooks. But I do enjoy reading them. All together I spent $5.

Then I spied this little book at Joann's. It's so cute. I love these kind of books. Had a 50% off coupon, so into my cart it went.

Have you ever looked at the stuff people destash on Ravelry? Oh boy, very dangerous. I need to stay away. I got this ball of Malabrigo for a song. I just love this stuff. It's so addicting.

And I bought a ton of calico when it was recently on sale at Joann's. I got this pattern on ebay and I'll make that bag with this fabric.

I love finding a good sale!


Jeanne said...

Great finds! I am always tempted by the destashing on Ravelry...

MRS MJW said...

Lovely fabric. Thanks for commenting on my sheep. I love getting the input from fellow crafters.

Heather said...

very good bargains indeed!

P.S. Your word verification was bacos. it is making me hungry. lol