Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun with a swift

I finally got a swift. It's a very simple one. I found it on etsy and I love it! I used it for the first time yesterday and wound a hank of sock yarn. It was a small hank. OMG, it was so fun, LOL!

It was my first time using a swift. I don't have a ball winder, so I wind my yarn by hand. That part I don't mind. But not having a swift was a real pain in the behind. I had to hang the yarn over a kitchen chair, and it just took forever. Here is the finished product.

I can't wait to wind some more!

I did get the Clapotis done. Finally. It's soaking, then I'm going to block it. Pictures next post.

I did get some sewing done lately. I made this bag.

Cute! Here's the other side.

I really screwed it up. The directions did not make sense. But now I think I got it. So I bought more fabric for another one. The outside is supposed to be the all brown color, the inside the print. I still like it and will use it.

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Larjmarj said...

Knit picks has their own line of tools now and I think they have a ball winder for fairly cheap. I couldn't live without my swift, not after an 18 hour tangled yarn debacle.