Sunday, March 29, 2009

A rainy lazy Sunday

It's cold. It's raining. It's dreary. A very lazy Sunday. So I played in my kitchen and made Red Velvet Cupcakes. I got the recipe in email from somewhere, can't remember where. It's a Paula Dean recipe. They are so RED!

I ran out of red food coloring. I wonder how red they'd be if I had enough to use the whole amount. I had some cute Easter cupcake papers that I got from Joann's that I used for them. But it's real hard to see the paper.

I ate one. Yummy! I want another one.

Yesterday I bought a book I've been wanting. Love those 50% coupons at Joann's! I really haven't had time to go through this book yet, but I will. My sister gave me the other pamphlet. I'm so dying to make that snowman on the cover. It's so cute!

I discovered the destashing group on Ravelry. Oh lordy! I. must. quit. looking. This yarn came yesterday. I got both skeins of yarn and shipping for $8. Yes, $8!!! It's such an unusual color. Pumpkin. I'm loving it!

I'm still plugging along on the Clapotis. I'm almost to the dropped stitches. I'll have a picture next time. Right now it's just bigger than the last picture I posted.

And now I guess I'll go make some dinner now that I've had dessert!


SteamyKitchen said...

Love that color of yarn!

Jeanne said...

Those cupcakes look so good! Great yarn purchase - the destash group is so dangerous!

Lynneb said...

They really are RED! I've never made red velvet cake that is so red! Yummy.