Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I can't stop knitting

I just can't stop knitting lately! Or buying yarn. I would knit in my sleep if I could.

I finished the socks I was making. I was going to work on these when I went to knit nights, but I was on a roll and couldn't stop. Now I have a new pair of socks!

I love the color! I bought the yarn from an etsy shop, KnittedToaT. Nice yarn! Now I have to start another pair of socks to take to knit night. Next up is a pink variegated color I have in the stash.

Last night I started the Clapotis. Strange word. Clapotis. But pronounced different from how it's spelled. Clap-oh-tee. I have two repeats done so far. I haven't come to the part where you drop the stitches yet. I'm loving the color!

I've also been working on what is called the Traveling Socks with my knit night friends. Each person does a section of a sock, passes it to the next person, and so on. It will take us a few months to get this done. I'll show you when I get mine back. It's been real fun so far.


Deb's Country Crafts said...

Hi, Diane! Thanks for the nice comments about my new purses. It is a pattern but I made some adjustments. I like to make them special. Happy Spring!

Larjmarj said...

Wow you are becoming quite the sock knitter extraordinaire! I Love love love that color!

Your clap is going to look great, I love the colors that you chose.

I need to make an occasion to wear mine.

Jeanne said...

Very pretty socks - great colors!