Saturday, February 28, 2009

To frog or not to frog?

Have you ever been knitting and just not enjoyed the project? I've got two projects on the needles at the moment that I just am not enjoying knitting. First off are these socks, Aquaphobia.

I've got a little more done than in that picture. The pattern is so tedious, I just cannot for the life of me get a good rhythm going on it. I love the yarn, but not the pattern.

I started this lacy scarf, Juliet. I just don't like it. Even when I stretch it out and look at it, it just looks bunchy and icky to me. Once again, love the yarn, not the pattern.

So tell me, how long do you knit something before you know it's just not something you want to continue with? When do you say, ackkkkkkk I just don't want to knit this anymore? To me knitting should be enjoyable, relaxing. Take my stress away. These two projects just don't. I see them jumping into the frog pond in the future.

I did get a hat done. I really like this hat! It won't be going into the frog pond.

I made that hat with Patons Classic Merino Wool. It worked up really quickly. The yarn is double stranded. An enjoyable knit.

I am starting a knit-along tomorrow in a Ravelry group, Malabrigo Junkies. This will be my first time using Malabrigo yarn. I'll be using the apricot colored yarn for the hat.

I have a feeling this project won't be in the frog pond.

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Domestic Extraordinaire said...

If I really don't like something after a couple of tries at knitting it, it gets frogged.

p.s. LOVE the hat!