Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's the Dreary Season

We had some warm weather and the snow melted! All gone! There are a few lumps and bumps of it here and there where there were big mounds in parking lots, but we can see the grass around here again. It's just blah looking out there. Blah and dreary. Good knitting weather!

I got the Booga bag felted and it's drying. Hopefully tonight I'll get to it and finish it up, put the strap on it and it will be done!

While that's been drying I've been working on a hat, Dreams of Spring. I wanted to do some colorwork so I don't forget how to do it. I'm just not sure I'm liking this hat, one minute I like it, the next I don't.

But there it is. What do you think? Maybe I'll like it when it's done and blocked. And luckily I'm remembering the color technique.

Things are settling down with the cats. Not as much hissing and growling, but still some. Here's a sign of progress:

An old one on the couch with the new one. And they stayed.


Krystal said...

Oh crap, I'm so going to have to make a felted bag out of all the SWS I have now. It looks so nice!

I love your hat, it's so green! :)

Larjmarj said...

You had to do had to say "oh the snow is all melted"....



Can't wait to see the Booga completed! Looks like the SWS felted nicely.