Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Humid, Hot & Lazy

Phew, it's been hot and humid lately. And when it gets real hot like this I get lazy. Too lazy to even write on this blog. I'll show you a few things today. More to come soon.

I finished the pink and black socks I was knitting. I love them! I absolutely love the colors. I didn't want to put them on for the photo but I toughed it out and did it in this heat. They'll go into the drawer until fall. It's just too hot to wear wool socks at the moment.

I've had fun playing around with fat quarters and my sewing machine. I started this pincushion when I was out of town with my sister and daughter, which was a blast by the way! I finished it after I got back home. It's really big for a pincushion. My grandson calls it a needle pillow. I love words kids come up with!

I don't care how big it is, I really like it! I will always call it a needle pillow now.

Then I played around with a pattern I got at a quilt store and made this little bird.

He was fun to make and turned out oh so cute!

I'm still working on the Summer Lovin Socks I showed you in my last post, those will be done soon. I have lots of fabs I bought at the quilt shops out of town. Just gotta get some energy to take more pics.

Is it hot where you are? Hope you're keeping cool.

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