Sunday, October 3, 2010

The End

It's time to end the blog. No one ever comments. I have no idea if anyone is out there. So it's time to say good-bye. It was fun at first, now it's like a chore, and with no feedback I have no idea if it's even interesting.



Knitting by Leah said...

Don't give up so easily on the blog. I've been reading it here and there and what you've said is great. You should check out my blog (Knitting By Leah)when you have the chance. There are a few new projects I'd been working on for Halloween and other craft-like events for the upcoming months.

Knitting By Leah

maryskid said...

I read a lot. Anyone who is a yarn addict gets my attention

bluecat said...

Please come back and tell us how you are doing.