Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I really need a laugh

Somebody. Anybody. Make me laugh. I'm so stressed about this fast approaching loss of my job. Trying to stay calm. Sick of sending out my resume. OK, rant over. For today.

Got some new fabrics. These are so fun. They just make me smile when I look at them!

Look at those fruit butt ladies, LOL! They just crack me up! I just HAD to have that fabric when I spotted it in the quilt shop over the weekend. And I totally fell in love with that fall print from Joann's. New fabs in the house. That always makes me smile!

I also bought some fleece to make the kitties a new blanket.

They love to lay on that ottoman and look out the window. The ottoman is getting kind of ratty looking so I made them a little blanket to put on top of it. Gotta keep them comfy and cozy. Love my kitties! They also make me smile :)

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