Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekends and Knitting

Don't ya love weekends? I live for the weekend.

My daughter and I went up to the college she will be attending in the fall on Thursday night. Toured it all day Friday and she had orientation. What an ordeal. Then drove all the way back home. A little over a 4 hour drive. If I don't see the inside of a car for a while that's fine with me. Until July 4 when we go out of town on a little vacation. Yay!
I didn't get to knit much while we were away. Of course I took stuff, lol! I started one of those dishcloths while we were there, I think it's called Gramma's Favorite. Got it finished today and started another one. I've been knitting mittens for the last few weeks and started a hat. I'm so sick of the color brown. The mittens are in that picture. I'm not crazy about them. I ended up making 2 pairs cuz the first pair seemed too small. I'm making them for my dad for Christmas. So I made a 2nd pair on larger needles. Hopefully they'll fit. They are Lion brand Wool Ease. I started a hat to go with the mittens and I've made so many mistakes on the darn thing I'm going to rip it out and start again. Sigh. So, I put the brown stuff down and have been working on nice simple colorful cotton dishcloths. Went to Joann's today and bought 5 multi color Peaches & Cream cotton yarn, it was on sale, how could I resist! I love that stuff.
Thank you to those of you who left comments about my lacy dishcloth!

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